Antique Johnson’s Folding Fiber Board Blue Bill Duck Decoys in Original Bags



Straight out of the old boat house are these folding duck decoys made by Johnson’s.   Bag reads 12 but there are only 8 sets of bodies and floats.   Do not look like they have been used very much if at all, just some shelf wear from sitting around so long.   Decoys measure about 13 3/4″ long by about 5″ wide when unfolded at the bottom.  Despite the fancy fiber board wording, they are really only heavyweight waxed cardboard which makes them amazing that they have lasted this long.  Directions and the benefits of these amazing decoys are printed on the bottom as well as the 55 cents price each or bodies without floats 35 cents each.

Perfect addition to your hunting theme collection or to show off from the rafters of your cabin.  Cotton bags with drawstrings will keep them all together for the next 100 years.   While we believe these are very cool, we will not charge you $850 for an incomplete (without floats) set.  🙂