John Raya Encore Wee Tiny Critters Beasties Kingdom Skunk Otter Vultures Detailed Miniatures



Brand new from John Raya for Encore (and as far as we can tell retired) are these cute detailed resin miniature critters.  Choose from Otter Ornament, Skunk Ornament, Skunk on Card, Skunk Keychain and a pair of adorable Vultures (some on a card).  Each piece is about 1 1/2-3″.  Beasties of the Kingdom. Beasties Itty Bitty

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Beasties O.P. Otter Ornament, Wee Tiny Critters Skunk Ornament, Wee Tiny Critters Skunk on Card, Beasties Peep/Tweet Vultures on Card, Beasties Skunk on Card, Beasties Skunk Ornament, Beasties Skunk Key Chain