Premium Fox Tail Arctic Indigo Blue Silver American Gray Black Red Genuine Fur Tanned




Brand new fresh tanned natural premium extra large Fox Tails are a perfect touch for you rustic lodge themed crafts, arrangements, costumes, key chains and Mountain Man outfit.  Color variations will vary-these are NOT dyed, they are all natural.  Sizes are approximate, all are super soft and luxurious. Choose an option to view pictures and prices.  Yard stick (3 feet) included in pictures to show size.  All are complete with ball chain.  You are responsible to ensure that you can legally purchase and possess any wildlife products that you acquire from us.
Choose from: American Gray Fox | Arctic Fox 14-16″ | Arctic Fox | Black Fox | Blue Fox | Indigo Fox | Red Fox | Silver Fox

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American Gray Fox, Arctic Fox 14-16", Arctic Fox, Black Fox, Blue Fox, Indigo Fox, Red Fox, Silver Fox