Beautiful museum quality wooden model of the Mayflower Galeone Inglese Del 1620 wooden ship, new in box.   Box has been opened obviously, but 90% of parts are still sealed in plastic, the rest all look to be there as shown.  Scale 1:60 and looks to be a beautiful project.

From the manufacturers website ($210.50):

One of the best known names in maritime history, the Mayflower is famous for having transported the Pilgrim Fathers from Plymouth (England) to Cape Cod (Massachusetts) in 1620. During the religious oppression in the reign of Elizabeth I of England, two sects formed: the puritans and the separatists. The separatists formed the most consistent contingent on the Mayflower, which under the reign of James I set sail from Plymouth bound for America with 102 men, women and children on the 6th of September 1620.

Wooden model ship kit includes Laser cut keel, frames and decks; wooden strips for planking; wooden and metal accessories and fittings; colour printed decorations and windows; masts, spars, rigging rope; cloth sails; instructions and plans.

Scale 1:60
Length 25.5″