Real Deer Antler Hunt Sheds Rustic Lodge Decor Crafts Bulk Lot




Choice of real deer antler sheds and sets from hunts and gathering.   Four different lots.  Lot 1 contains 20 antlers that includes 3-4 sets, 4 point to 8 point and the box weighs about 11 pounds. Lot 2 contains huge thick 8-10 point antlers, 12 pieces some with up to 8″ long spikes that measure about 12 x 10″ each, the box weighs 14 pounds.    Lot 3 contains 9 partial skulls and the box weighs 8 pounds.  Lot 4 contains 12 partial skulls and the box weighs 10 pounds.   Please view pictures of the lot option you select.   Some are perfect gorgeous colored premium specimens while others may have a broken tip.

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Lot 1, Lot 2, Lot 3, Lot 4