Nice set of “Grace” and “Gratitude” man and woman praying framed pictures.    These are from the 1970’s and originally sold by a company in Minneapolis MN.    Framed with matching stamped/carved wood frames that include leaves and scrolls.   Sold by Northwestern Products in Minneapolis MN and marked on the backs as shown (as well as the wear from the years).   Printed on that type of cardboard that looks like an oil painting.  Some very slightly warping on the front, but nothing that distracts from the beauty of this pair.  Obviously previously enjoyed so expect some wear from being 50 years old.

These classic pictures were hung in all the homes of our grandmas and grandpas. The image of the Man is titled “Grace” and is a 1918 photograph by Eric Enstrom. It depicts an elderly man, Charles Wilden, with hands folded, saying a prayer over a table with a simple meal of bread. It was created in Bovey, Minnesota. The photo was originally taken in black-and-white, but was colorized by hand by Enstrom’s daughter, Rhoda Nyberg.

The other picture with the Woman is titled “Gratitude,” taken in the 1960s by Jack Garren, who owned a Christian bookstore in Centralia, Illinois. The subject is Mrs. Myrtle Copple (d. 1975), and the photo was designed to complement “Grace.” The two are often packaged together: “Grace and Gratitude.”

Frames measure about 26″ x 22″ and prints themselves are about 19 1/2″ by 15 1/4″. Everyone needs grace and gratitude in your home.

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