Vintage Antique Snowshoe Bamboo Aluminum Leather Rattan Basket Grip Ski Poles



A variety to choose from!   Vintage antique ski and snowshoe poles for your winter decorating.   All in great condition and getting harder to find.  Select on an option to view more pictures and descriptions.

Options may include:57″ Bamboo Aluminum Leather 7″ Basket | Aluminum with Leather Basket | Eckel Aluminum with Leather Basket | Metal (not Aluminum) 53″ 7″ Leather Basket | 1950’s Red Grip Aluminum Leather Basket | JC Higgins Aluminum Leather Basket Blue Grips | 48″ Aluminum Leather Basket | 10th Mountain Division Ivory Leather Basket | 51″ Aluminum Leather Red Diamond Grooved | Dark Red Grip Aluminum | Red/Black Aluminum Leather Basket Adjustable | Black Leather Clover Basket Aluminum | Red Saddle Leather Rubber Ring | Kroydon Co Inc Aluminum Leather Poles | Bamboo Red and Blue Accent | Aluminum Red Leather Grip 6″ Basket


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57″ Bamboo Aluminum Leather 7″ Basket, Aluminum with Leather Basket, Eckel Aluminum with Leather Basket, Metal (not Aluminum) 53" 7" Leather Basket, 1950's Red Grip Aluminum Leather Basket, JC Higgins Aluminum Leather Basket Blue Grips, 48" Aluminum Leather Basket, 10th Mountain Division Ivory Leather Basket, 51" Aluminum Leather Red Diamond Grooved, Dark Red Grip Aluminum, Red/Black Aluminum Leather Basket Adjustable, Black Leather Clover Basket Aluminum, Red Saddle Leather Rubber Ring, Kroydon Co Inc Aluminum Leather Poles, Bamboo Red and Blue Accent, Aluminum Red Leather Grip 6" Basket, Bamboo Black Tape Split Basket