Vintage Wilton Cake Mold Pan Character Disney Mattel Hanna-Barbera Molds Pans



A variety of previously used vintage Wilton Cake Mold Pans.  All in good used condition.  Choose an option to view pictures and pricing.  Replacement labels can be found at

Currently available: Apple Computer | Baby Bottle | Baby Buggy | Bambi | Barbie | Baseball Player | Bowling Pins Ball | Cabbage Patch Kid | Carousel Horse | Cinderella | Christmas Tree | Clown Face | Dove | Easter Bunny | Easter Eggs | Fire Truck | Golf Ball Club | Good Luck Horseshoe | Graduation Hat | Holly Hobby | Hulk Hogan | Laying Down Dog | Mickey Mouse Full Body | Mickey Mouse Head 1976 | Mickey Mouse Head | Motorcycle | Pirate | Pirate Ship | Playboy Bunny | Pumpkin Face | Race Car | Raggedy Ann | Rudolph | Sailboat | Santa | Santa and Sleigh | Scooby Doo | Soccer Ball | Sponge Bob | Sports Shirt | Stork | Strawberry Shortcake | Teddy Bear | Tigger | Topsy Turvy Cake | T-Nee Bikini Cake Pan

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Apple Computer, Baby Bottle, Baby Buggy, Bambi, Barbie, Baseball Player, Bowling Pins Ball, Cabbage Patch Kid, Carousel Horse, Cinderella, Christmas Tree, Clown Face, Dove, Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs, Fire Truck, Mickey Mouse Full Body, Golf Ball Club, Good Luck Horseshoe, Graduation Hat, Holly Hobby, Hulk Hogan, Laying Down Dog, Mickey Mouse Head 1976, Mickey Mouse Head, Motorcycle, Pirate, Pirate Ship, Playboy Bunny, Pocahontas, Pumpkin Face, Puppy, Race Car, Raggedy Ann, Rudolph, Sailboat, Santa, Santa and Sleigh, Scooby Doo, Smurfette, Soccer Ball, Sponge Bob, Sports Shirt, Stork, Strawberry Shortcake, Teddy Bear, Tigger, Topsy Turvy Cake, T-Nee Bikini Cake Pan