Authentic Ojibwe Navajo Native American Indian Talking Stick Healing Crystal



Handcrafted by Northern Minnesota Ojibwe Indians and/or South West Navajo, are these unique Tepee Sized Talking Sticks.  Each piece is one of a kind and guaranteed to be original.
Talking Sticks are a respectful way to give each tribe member the opportunity to speak uninterrupted. The stick is passed in a circle and the holder is encouraged to speak honestly and from the heart-the others must listen carefully and without judgment.  The more it is used the more mana it will contain until it truly becomes a magic wand. Every family should have one!
Choose from different sizes and styles – all sizes are approximate and sticks/real feathers will vary as no two are alike.  Pictures are examples of sizes/feathers.

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Ojibwe Large, Ojibwe Deluxe, Ojibwe Bear, Navajo Small, Navajo Large, Navajo Crystal