Incense Campfire Memories Balsam Fir Christmas Incense Stick



With the retirement of the Campfire Memories Incense and Christmas Memories Incense, we are proud to offer you the same aroma with this all natural incense made from the rich, fragrant tips of Balsam fir tree needles. When burned, it gives the relaxing aroma of the warm piney atmosphere of a rustic outdoor campfire/real fireplace, a Northwood’s classic perfect for those that love the convenience of your gas log fireplace but miss the aroma!  The fragrant aroma creates a warm, woodsy atmosphere for those longing for the scent of the forest.
We offer two sizes:
Our Log Cabin burns logs (about 1 1/4″ long by 3/8″ diameter),
the Pinecone Holder and Brass Bear and Moose holders (3″)  burn sticks (about 2″ long by 5/16th diameter).
If you want to use your old original Campfire Memories Log Cabin-use the Stick Incense refills.
Brand new, freshly harvested, burns longer than the Campfire Memories Incense did and in our opinion, smells exactly the same!  We love this incense and know you will too. Made in Maine.

Lighting Instructions: While holding the cone, stick or log horizontally, use a lighter to hold a flame under the tip for a slow count of 5-8, when the end of the log has a flame, carefully insert it into the holder. Let the small flame burn for 5-8 seconds and then carefully blow out the flame. Keep blowing until you get a full ember over the top of the incense. Sit back and enjoy the relaxing aroma.

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Pine Cone Burner, Brass Moose Tree Burner, Brass Bear Tree Burner, Brass Sitting Bear Burner, 24 Refill, 40 Refill, 70 Refill