Lightstone Aromatherapy Heat Activated Pinecone Scented Disk Fragrance Oil



Lightstone Home Aroma heat activated Pinecone fireplace scented disk set with choice of Campfire Memories Balsam Fir (smells just like a real campfire), Red Cedar, Apple Cinnamon, Wild Fern and Lupine, Blueberry, Cabin in Woods, and Holiday Memories fragrance oil. 

Simply hang in front of your electric fireplace, real fireplace or even your vehicle registers for a unique auto air freshener – no tools needed.   Heat activates the disk, just refresh with a few drops for hours of natural fragrant aroma.

We also have just the scented oil refills available in 1/2 ounce size or 2 ounce size. Makes a perfect HomeAroma gift package for you and your friends.

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.50 oz Apple Cinnamon Oil, .50 oz Balsam Oil, .50 oz Blueberry Oil, .50 oz Cedar Oil, .50 oz Wild Fern Oil, 2 oz Balsam Oil, 2 oz Cabin in Woods Oil, 2 oz Holiday Memories Oil, HomeAroma Disk