Incense Natural Red Cedar Campfire Incense Cones and/or Log Cabin Burner



Brand new all natural aromatic Red Cedar Incense Cones and/or Log Cabin Incense Cone Burner.  Incense smell just like a fire in the fireplace of an antique log cabin.   The rich smell of Cedar for your home.  Box includes 50 cones and a burner/holder. Log cabin holder/burner includes 10 cones.  Made in Maine.

Lighting Instructions: While holding the cone, stick or log horizontally, use a lighter to hold a flame under the tip for a slow count of 5-8, when the end of the log has a flame, carefully insert it into the holder. Let the small flame burn for 5-8 seconds and then carefully blow out the flame. Keep blowing until you get a full ember over the top of the incense. Sit back and enjoy the relaxing aroma.


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50 Cone Refill, 3×4 Log Cabin Cedar Cone Burner