Hand Painted Native American Indian Navajo “Eagle” Smudge Prayer Feather




Handcrafted and hand painted by Navajo Indians, are these “Eagle” smudge prayer real feathers made with leather wrap and beads.  Each is one of a kind, Authentic and guaranteed to be original.  Choose from Buffalo, Bear, End of Trail, Grizzly Face, Loon, Bear Paw Print (variations). Wolf, Eagle Soaring, Eagle, Tepee (variations, Hummingbird (variations) Turtle (Variations) Measure between 7″ to 10″ long. 

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Bear, Bear Paw, Black Eagle Soaring, Black TeePee, Buffalo, Eagle, Eagle Soaring, End of Trail, Grizzly Face, Hummingbird, Loon, TeePee, Turtle, Wolf