Native American Birch Bark Electric Light Switch Outlet Plate Cover



Brand new fresh harvested authentic Minnesota Ojibwe Indian handcrafted real Birch Bark and red twig electrical plates covers. Each piece if stitched with sinew. Mother Nature, nor our Northern Minnesota Ojibwe friends create the same piece twice, so bark, backplate, and twig may vary.

Choose from Single Blank, Single Outlet, Single GFI Slider, Single Cable, Single 120/220 Dimmer, Single Switch and GFI Slider, Single Outlet and Switch, Single Outlet and GFI Slider, Double Blank, Double Switch, Double Outlet, Double GFI Slider, Triple Switch, Triple GFI Slider, Double Switch and Single Outlet, Double Switch and Single GFI Slider, Quad Switch and/or Quad GFI Slider.

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Double Blank, Double GFI Slider, Double Outlet, Double Switch, Double Switch/Single Outlet, Double Switch/Single Slider, Quadruple GFI Slider, Quadruple Switch, Quintuple Switch, Single 120/220 Dimmer, Single Blank, Single Cable, Single GFI Slider, Single Outlet, Single Outlet/GFI Slider, Single Outlet/Switch, Single Switch, Single Switch/GFI Slider, Triple GFI Slider, Triple Switch