Vintage Corning Ware USA Wildflower Flowered Pan Skillet Batter Bowl Carafe



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2 3/4 Cup Storage w/ Storage Use only Lid, 2 3/4 Cup P-43 no Lid, Loaf Pan w/ Lid P-4, 6 Cup Carafe w/ Metal Lid, 1 1/2 Pint Pan w/ Lid, 1 Pint Pan w/ Lid, 2 1/2 Cup Bowl w/ Spout and Lid, 6 1/2" Skillet, See N' Store Canister Set/2, 2 Quart Square Casserole w/ Lid, A-10 10" Square w/ Lid, Range Topper N-10 Skillet, Cake Pan 8 x 8