Vintage Oberlin Cricket Worm Bucket Paper Pulp Bait Canteen



Vintage original Oberlin Bait Canteen boxes in two different styles.  Choose from Cricket with slotted rubber lid, wire mesh ends and bail handle or square worm bucket metal frame and handle.   Made from paper pulp and both are in great condition for their age-does not look like it has been used much at all.   Cricket canteen measures about 9″ long by 7 1/4″ wide by 7 1/4″ tall not counting the bale handle and the worm canteen measures about 7″ square by 6″ tall not counting the bale handle.  One side on both look like they were sprayed with shotgun pellets at one point in time. 

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Cricket Canteen, Worm Canteen, Worn Worm Canteen