Authentic Native American Ojibwe Indian Birch Bark Canoe Birchbark




Brand new fresh harvested authentic Minnesota Ojibwe Indian handcrafted Birch Bark canoes.  Made from real Birch Bark, willow branches and sinew.   Perfect for fireplace mantel arrangements. Will be shipped either Ground or Parcel Post due to size.   As with all our Ojibwe handcrafted items, Bark and size will vary.  Flat bottoms are perfect for arrangments or taxidermy displays as they sit flat.

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12", 18", 18" Wood Flat Bottom, 2 Foot, 2 Foot Flat Bottom, 2 Foot Grade B, 30", 3 Foot, 3 Foot Flat Bottom, 3 Foot Grade B, 4 Foot, 5 Foot, 6 Foot